Our Restaurant is situated on the seafront, right on the Mahadzhir Embankment. It is located within the Hotel Complex, which fits perfectly into the architectural ensemble of the Town from outside, but is absolutely modern and stylish inside. Restaurant "Leon" is ideal for Family Celebrations with children, friendly meetings and business lunches.

Japanese Food

If you are looking for the best Japanese Food in the Town, then you have come to the right place. Our Menu contains all the most popular Japanese dishes.

Japanese Cuisine has a preference for natural, minimally processed food with extensive use of fresh seafood and vegetables.

Japanese Cuisine implies healthy and often low-calorie food, so it is ideal for people who care about their health.

European Cuisine

European Cuisine is the most common Cuisine worldwide, therefore, it has collected the most delicious dishes from all over the world. And we have selected for you the best, most delicious and healthiest dishes.

Here in Leon Restaurant you can taste real Italian pizza or pasta, enjoy the taste of Black Sea mussels, and find fish to your taste. Real gourmets can treat themselves with Ribeye steak or beef tenderloin medallions.